My role is simple. If I can reconnect loved ones with someone they’d thought they had lost forever with my intuitive mind, it is a remarkable experience for all.

We must celebrate that we are the energy of spirit within a physical body and our body is on loan to us for our journey through life. I believe that when individuals enter the world, we are given a coat; brand new and tailor-made. It’s worn until it falls apart; the cuffs become frayed and buttons fall off, in other words, old age prevails. We then make the transition back to the world of spirit. In some circumstances our coat comes off earlier than expected; trauma and disease can play their unfortunate card which is often difficult for those close to us.

Memories are so very treasured and the notion of making a connection to our loved ones, although out of sight, is very special. We have so much love for those that have left our world and they still have so much love for us. With guidance, love and support we can continue giving time and energy to those who feel ready to reconnect.


Demonstration of Mediumship.

Friday 09-02-2018 | 7.00pm -8.30pm

College of Psychic Studies, 16 Queensbury Place, London SW7 2EB

Tel 0207 589 3292 | Tickets:


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“I can’t express in words how helpful it was to see Anthony. It was my first reading with a medium, so I didn’t know what to expect. Anthony was very kind and welcoming which put me at ease. As soon as I walked in, my mother came through. Anthony said things that only I could have known about my mother. It was the most incredible experience, and it has helped me massively through my grieving process. I would recommend a reading with Anthony to anyone looking to connect with their loved ones who have passed away.”

A wonderful experience, Shelagh M.

“Anthony brought both my Mother & Father through in our reading telling me details nobody would have known, giving me a great deal of comfort. His ability to give such detail was amazing. Anthony is warm, empathetic, caring and very spiritual, an excellent clairvoyant.”

Excellent Reading, Pauline B.

“I was very happy with my reading he was close in contact with my dad spiritually and I appreciate for all the thoughtful loving kind words he has spoken to me. Anthony is very clear warm kind hearted genuine clairvoyant I would highly recommend his reading as I was fully happy to know everything is going to work out positively, and everything will feel ok. Thank you Anthony very much for your kind warm heart and kind full words you have spoken to me. I will strongly carry the kind words you have genuinely spoke to me today I am very grateful to have met you thank you.”

Genuine clairvoyant, Kimzy L.

“I had the most amazing sitting with Anthony. He brought in both my parents and described them perfectly. He also dealt with the issues that are facing me at the moment. When I left I felt happy and uplifted about the future and felt that all my troubles had disappeared. I highly recommend Anthony. Definitely one of the best mediums I have seen.”

Incredible reading , Patricia B.

“I saw Anthony yesterday.

He had my parents with him and was so accurate in what he conveyed to me. Told me things he couldn’t possibly have known that must have come from them. He told me what clothes my Mum was wearing and how much jewellery she had on. He was absolutely right. Told me she was rubbing her ring. The ring I am now wearing. Lot’s of things about the family and their concerns for each of us.

I found it very comforting to know that they are watching over me and did shed a few tears.

Anthony is a gentle man and I felt very comfortable with him.

I will go again and highly recommend him.

,I saw Anthony yesterday. He had both my parents waiting for me. He was so accurate in what he conveyed to me. Said things he couldn’t possibly have known. Caused a few tears but also gave me great comfort to know they are watching over me.

He’s a gentle and wise man.

Highly recommend him and will go again.”

So accurate, so accurate!, Michele D.

“I was recommended to Anthony by one of my spiritually aware out there friends. She said that he is a medium and could help me, after what all i can say, has been an annus horribilis, I was emotionally, so so broken after the Passings (deaths) of my father and partner just 3 months apart. I rang for an appointment, and i was told that due to high demand i would have to wait for 21/2 weeks for his first available appointment which was a cancellation otherwise it would be a 3 weeks wait for a afternoon appointment. I paid a deposit to secure my appointment and was told to note any questions and bring them along to the session. I was meet by a very smart and professional looking gentleman, who was more hospital consultant than a hippy type with beads and very colourful attire. I was offered a comfortable chair and then Anthony began with information about my father and partner which blew me away, in accuracy and detail. I now know why he is in such great demand, amazing thank you….”

Tears of joy, brought real emotional comfort, at a very dark time in my life., Angielove

“Had a fantastic reading from Anthony ,he told me things only I knew , was a lovely feeling to hear from relatives that had passed. Highly recommend him.”

Amazing reading, Carole S.