Are you able to deal with the problems that face you? Each one of us has problems to deal with and it is how we cope with the problems with life that matter.
As I get older I appreciate more and more the collective wisdom that tells us that remaining positive through life’s ups and downs is essential. Thinking has a chain reaction and that can be either constructive or destructive.
We have a free will and  it is our free will that  decides which road we should travel. We are the ones that make the choices that decide how we should  live our lives and the direction our lives should take and within this scenario we are allowed to make mistakes. Remember from every mistake we also learn a very valuable lesson.
In any given situation, however bad, we can decide to reduce our opportunities by focusing on the subtractions from life, which by thinking on, will reduce our experience and enjoyment of life, or we can choose to take the  good and positive consequences of the upset and make a positive out of it.
The Journey Ahead
As we evolve through life, we have a better understanding of what it is that is wanted from us in terms of our gifts and abilities and what makes us happy and makes us useful and beneficial to those people around us.
You can pretty much guarantee whatever makes you happy and fulfilled inside makes life for those around you a happier and brighter place and in turn allows and encourages them to fulfil their potential and blossom their own talents.
That is why it is so important to listen to your heart, to talk to your soul and above all be true to whom you really are and know what it is that want you really want from life.
By listening to yourself you are able to love other people because you have heard them, by hearing your own heart and soul speak you can hear others.
By listening to yourself you are able to be generous and kind with yourself and by being generous and kind to yourself, you will be so filled up inside that you will be generous and kind to others. This is very important, because you can only truly give what you yourself have.
Be generous with yourself and others and you will follow your true path.