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It saddens me that so many people in the world today do not believe in life after death and believe that when we leave this life, it is very much the end. All our experiences of our journey through life, gone forever, as soon as we take our last breath.

I cannot think of anything further from the truth. As a medium, I have proved time and time again that there is life after death.I bring in details that leave me in awe and full of wonderment at how hard spirit works to make sure we know there is life after death and to make sure we understand that although they are not with us in the physical they are very much with us. It is not death that we face but a simple transition from this world to the next.

We must remember we are the energy of spirit within a physical body which is on loan to us during our travels through life. When we leave the physical world we leave only the body behind, once having served the purpose during our stay here.

All our memories are still very much with us and more important our loved one’s who have passed over so want us to know they are still close to us in the physical world and that they want to celebrate , encourage and give us all the support we need.

Let us be in no doubt that there is life after death and that this life and Our life in the world of spirit is very much a part of our journey and our growth and that we need both. Scientists who are forever trying to understand life should open their minds to this fact. It would give them and us all a better understanding of the workings


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