00000597-225x351I do believe that mediumship should be very matter of fact and that the small details and memories which mean so much, prove life after death and prove that our loved one’s although out of site are still very much with us giving love, guidance, and support where needed.

I do believe it is important to remember that we are the energy of spirit within a physical body and that our body is only on loan to us for our journey through life. When we come into the world we are given a coat, it is brand new and it is tailored made for us. It fits perfectly and we hope to wear it until it falls apart, the cuffs are frayed and the buttons have fallen off. In other words old age.

It is then that we make the transition back to the world of spirit. We do not know why but often the coat comes off earlier and often under traumatic circumstances.

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Anthony Kesner

I have been a professional medium for over 25 years, giving both one-to-one readings and on platform throughout the UK in spiritual churches and other events.   For me, it all began at the

The Journey Ahead

Are you able to deal with the problems that face you? Each one of us has problems to deal with and it is how we cope with the problems with life that matter. As I

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